Access Denied

Users struggle to access the content they are authorised or subscribed to view. Those that do not have full text access are not being effectively directed to the pay-per-view userflow. The concepts and designs below aim to address these points.


Prominent alert

Current practice relegates the access options to the right rail. Due to column blindness and low impact design, the access panel is not always noticed.

Recommend relocating access options to higher impact area and styling accordingly.

Access Options Panel

The current experience for viewing all possible authorisation methods, access options, and messaging is spread across different points in the UI. Log in options are in the login modal, pay-per-view is in the right rail, access messaging is in the right rail. There is no clear 'go-to' area.

Recommend migrating all 'Access Options' and messaging into a consistant unit. This unit should be captivating and support all combinations of available access options and scenarios.

Consistant styling, language, and iconography

Ensure that we use intuitive iconography. Wording should be sensitive to the context and not imply that logging in will grant access. Styling should be bold and cutting, but not obnoxious.

Access help page

Create a help page that details the types of authorisation available.

The right rail

Removing access options in the right rail will allow us to highlight related content (or other information) on page load. The visibility of recommended content could improve article views. Potential to highlight free/open content.


The priorty for access options:

  1. Token Access
  2. Institutional login
  3. Society member login (SSO/TPS)
  4. Individual login
  5. Purchase Instant Access


  • Token Access / No Access Alert: When token access is an option, we do not show the 'You do not have access to the full version of this article' alert.
  • PPV Access Option: Activating the 'Purchase instant access', 'Learn More', or 'Check out' CTA opens the readcube modal and that user flow takes over.
  • Institutional Access Option: Activating the 'Institutional login' CTA takes the user the current institutional login page.
  • Individual Login: Activating the 'Log in to Wiley Online Library' CTA opens a newly proposed 'minimal' login modal.
  • The PDF link on the Abstract view will take users to the Access Denied page. On the Access Denied page, the PDF link will scroll the user down to the access options in a smooth, animated motion.
  • On mobile, access options will stack left column on top of right column and represent the access option order listed above. 



Readcube Specific

Depending on the user's state with ReadCube, both the PPV access option and Access Alert are subject to change. 

  • Design: ReadCube logged in and purchased
  • User is recognised by ReadCube as being logged in
  • User has previously purchased Full Text access via ReadCube (options are to be configured based on the access level purchased)