Documentation and examples for using images

General Rules

Wiley Online Library is a platform for searching and presenting authored content to users. Any imagery used decoratively or otherwise should be done sparingly so not to detract from the research we host and share. All imagery used should reflect the high quality nature of the platform and, where possible, align with the One Wiley Branding.


There are 3 approved free image sources. Attribution is required if you intend on using the images in or on a book or article. Attribution can be used as a courtesy, but not required. Whilst there is a large amount of quality content on all 3 sites, a great deal of the content would be inapropriate to use on WOL. If you have any doubt about what is acceptable, please contact Stuart Allen

  • Please avoid images with people, unless it clearly states that the image is model released.

  • Property releases can be challenging. The New York Stock Exchange and the Empire State Building are two well-known properties that require releases when they are full frontal isolated images. City-scape shots are a way of avoiding needed to obtain a property release. For any famous landmark, it’s worth googling if a release is required before using it.

  • Please avoid any known name brands or logos on the cover when using images from these collections. The collections lack the scrutiny that exists with others where we have signed indemnity clauses.


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Many images supplied by authors and other third parties are done so without knowing the precise context the image will appear. Please implement padding and borders to help seperate images from surrounding content and prevent images 'bleeding' into backgrounds.